The Wentworth Home is a Retirement and Assisted Living Home located in Dover, New Hampshire. Admission is open to individuals 60 years and older. We offer the following levels of care:

Independent — The house and the yard have become too much, however the individual is able to care for him or herself, and perform light housekeeping in their room.

Assisted Care —This level of care includes medication administration, housekeeping, laundry services, daily reminders, and minimal personal care if needed.

Added Care  — Added Care includes all the benefits of Assisted Care, along with daily personal care.  The resident must be ambulatory on admission.

Wentworth Home is licensed and inspected by the State of New Hampshire as a Supported Residential Care Facility.

Wentworth Home does have an elevator going to the second and third floors, however our safety regulations require that all residents living on these floors are able to walk down the stairs for regular, monthly, fire drills as well as in the event of an emergency.


Level of Care Rate
Independent $3,450
Assisted Care $3,925
Added Care $5,915

Added Care Plus, please add an additional $725

Enhanced Rooms & Suites, please add an additional               $300 – $500 

One-time non-refundable Admission Fee $1,500

*Semi-private rooms available on first floor only.

**Short-term stay (Respite) costs available upon request.

Medication Administration Fee – $235 per month for Wentworth Home nurses to administer medications from any pharmacy other than our contract pharmacy-Northeast Pharmacy Services. Regulations require that all medications are to be stored in their original containers received from the pharmacy. This fee covers nurse time to open each individual container at the time of administration. If a resident chooses to use mail-away service or any pharmacy other than Northeast Pharmacy Services, this fee will apply.

Reduced Added Care rate– Residents who have lived with us for a minimum of one year under Independent or Assisted Services and now need daily assistance with personal care, are eligible for a reduced Added Care rate.

A pre-admission assessment is completed by a nurse to determine what level of care is needed.