Hear From Our Residents’ Family and Friends

Many residents have been happy to call our assisted living community home, enjoying our caring staff, cozy rooms, and wonderful meals and activities. Read on for testimonials from the friends and family of our residents.

"I would be very pleased to write a glowing testimonial of the excellent care that my mom received while she was a resident at the Wentworth Home. Recently, May 12, 2021, marked the one year anniversary of the passing of my beloved Mom, Gabrielle Fortier. For the last 12 years of her life, from age 83 to 95, Gabrielle proudly and gratefully called herself a resident of the Wentworth Home. From the beginning, she raved about the delicious food (Who does that?), the friendly residents, the multitude of daily activities and the wonderful Activities Directors, and, quite importantly, the dedicated, committed and compassionate staff who served her, befriended her and embraced her.

When Gabrielle was ill she received excellent care—always. Kirstin and her team are first class! I would highly and unhesitatingly recommend them to any interested party. Over the course of a decade plus, my wife Anne and I made many visits to my mom at the Wentworth Home and we were always greeted warmly and informed of my Mom’s status. Without a doubt, we were made to feel like partners in Gabrielle’s treatment team.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being such a large and positive player for a time in my Mom’s life when she most needed support and encouragement."

- George & Anne Fortier, Jr.
“I have always had great dealings with Wentworth Home. Everyone is so accommodating and pleasant to deal with. I am so thankful my mom is there.”
- Diane Lovejoy
“I have complete confidence in the ability of the staff and administration of the Wentworth Home to care for my mother. Their performance during the pandemic speaks for itself. My mother is safe, healthy and, even with the social isolation, very happy. In all the time she has been a resident she has never had a complaint of any kind about anything whatsoever. Not one. She is very complimentary about every aspect of living there. I, myself, have never had any problem dealing with Wentworth Home in any way about anything. Having her live there has given me great peace of mind knowing that she is being taken care of as well as possible. Both of us couldn't be happier with the Wentworth Home.”
- Paul Segit
“We have been part of the Dover Wentworth Home family for about 5 years now, first with Linda’s Mom, and now with Bill’s Mom. I say part of the family, because that is how all the staff at Wentworth Home have treated us. We are always welcomed with a smile and a kind word. Both of our mothers have enjoyed their stay at Wentworth, and both always mentioned how much they liked it there, with a caring staff, good food and desserts, and lots of fun activities. The small size of the home makes it possible for all the residents to get personalized care, and most know each other on a first name basis. The classic style of the home also makes it so much more pleasant than the typical modern construction style we see today. We highly recommend the Dover Wentworth Home to anyone needing quality care for their loved ones.”
- Bill & Linda Hodgdon

“As a dear friend of your resident, Shirley Hamilton, it gave me such comfort on my first visit to see her, her room, and to visit with her. Living out of state, I have had a sense of relief that she was at the Wentworth Home but seeing everything firsthand certainly reaffirmed my feelings.

She feels the warmth and care of the entire staff and I too felt your compassion and Renee's. These have been extremely difficult times for you and your staff and I thank you for the care you have given to Shirley and all your residents.”

- Marie W. Walton

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