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On this page, we’ve compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, please get in touch!

We are a non-profit, assisted living community that’s committed to providing you or your loved one with exceptional, welcoming , and accessible care. 

Exceptional – We offer quality care that’s tailored to each resident’s needs. 

Welcoming – We make our residents feel safe, comfortable, and welcome, like they’re truly at home. 

Accessible – We aim to be financially accessible, because everyone deserves access to quality care.

The Wentworth Home is an Assisted Living Home located in Dover, NH.

Individuals 60 years or older may apply for admission under the following levels of care:

Assisted Care* – Residents are essentially Independent, requiring minimal staff support or supervision with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Medication administration provided, gentle cueing or reminders, as well as, housekeeping and laundry services.

Assisted Enhanced Care* – Residents require moderate assistance and staff support with their ADLs and daily reminders. Medication administration provided, as well as housekeeping and laundry services. 

Added Care* – Residents require significant assistance and staff support with all ADLs. Verbal daily reminders and assistance, medication administration, housekeeping, and laundry services are all provided. The resident must be ambulatory on admission. 

A pre-admission assessment is completed by a nurse to determine if Wentworth Home can meet the individual’s needs. 

Residents on the second floor must be able to walk down the stairs for our once-a-month fire drill.

An individual must possess income and assets to cover the cost of a minimum five-year period at the current monthly rate. 

If space is limited, preference is given to residents of Strafford County, Eliot and the Berwicks.

*Please see Resident Care Supervisor for a comprehensive scope of services provided in each level of care.

Wentworth Home recognizes residents may need increased assistance. As additional assistance is needed, residents will transition to the appropriate level of care, as described above.

Residents, who are admitted and meet our qualifying levels of care, usually continue to reside here for life. If the resident’s need for medical care and safety exceed the capability of Wentworth Home, assistance can be offered to identify an appropriate facility. An individual may choose to leave Wentworth Home at any time, giving the required thirty day notice.

Assisted Care $4,370
Assisted Enhanced Care $5,435
Added Care $6,585
Added Care Enhanced (Hospice) Price determined on staff time, not to exceed $7,000
For Enhanced Suites, please add an additional $150 per month. One-time admission fee of $1,500.

Wentworth Home is a non-profit organization, and we’re committed to using our endowment to keep costs as affordable as possible and to ensure the continuation of our service to the community. 

There is a one-time, non-refundable $1,500 admission fee. Residents are responsible for all personal expenses. We offer the convenience of our contract pharmacy. Residents requiring medication administration who choose to use an optional pharmacy will be charged a monthly fee for this service ($235 per month).

Wentworth Home provides three appetizing and nutritious meals a day. Snacks are served daily and are also available anytime upon request.

Residents usually choose to provide the furnishings for their rooms, allowing them to be surrounded by familiar and favorite things. Room furnishings are available for a one-time charge, if desired.

Residents are free to be away from Wentworth Home for as often and for as long as they choose. Residents sign out when they leave and back in when they return. Overnight absences require written notification.

*COVID-19 restrictions currently apply to residents of Wentworth Home. Please see Administrator or Resident Care Supervisor for current limitations.

Residents are able to keep their vehicle, and parking is provided.

The first step is a tour followed by completion of the Admission Application, including the information requested for the financial review. You will meet with the nurse for an assessment of physical ability and medical needs. You will also need to have paperwork completed by your personal physician.

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