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What is Assisted Living?

As we age, it’s normal to start needing additional assistance with everyday activities. The house and yard may now be too much to take care of and dinners have become increasingly difficult to prepare. Perhaps family lives too far away ...

Community Appreciation Open House

Wentworth home has had the privilege of serving the Greater Dover community for over 115 years. Please come and join us on Thursday, June 5th as we celebrate our partnership with great company and excellent food. Get to know other ...


Individual Rooms

Our rooms are spacious, comfortable, and clean. Unique architectural details, combined with our residents’ personal touches, make each room a special place to live.


Dining Room

Our beautiful dining room is one of our best assets. It is set with small tables and traditional place settings, creating a warm, family environment. Our food is always fresh and expertly ...


Our Home

Wentworth Home is a great place to make new friends and enjoy a wide variety of activities. Live musical entertainment, Bingo, and festive parties are some of our residents’ favorites. ...