5 Signs That a Parent or Loved One Might Need Assisted Living


“How do I know when my parent needs more help than the family can provide?”

That is a tough question but one that needs to be addressed. Having the “assisted living” conversation with your parent or loved one can be uncomfortable. It may, however, be necessary for their health and safety. Here are some indicators that it’s time to have the discussion.

  1. The refrigerator is empty or filled with spoiled food, or your parent is losing weight. These may be signs that he or she isn’t eating well because shopping or cooking is difficult.
  2. You notice frequent bruises, although your parent may try to cover them up. This may be a sign of falling, or mobility and balance problems.
  3. Your parent wears the same clothes over and over again, or neglects personal hygiene. This can indicate that doing laundry and bathing is physically challenging.
  4. Your parent forgets things, including doctor’s appointments and when to take medication. This may be due to memory loss.
  5. Your parent seems depressed. Depression is common in seniors who are isolated and alone

– helpguide.org 

Be compassionate when discussing this possible change to assisted living. Your loved one is being asked to give up a large piece of his/her independence. Research and visit several facilities with them. Involving them in the process of choosing which assisted living facility is best for them may help to alleviate their anxiety. Help them to see that this will be a positive change. They may have already thought about this and just need to get used to the idea and visit some facilities.

If you feel like assisted living may be the best option for your loved one, please contact Wentworth Home at (603) 742-7406 or complete our online form here to schedule a tour or receive more information about our facility. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about assisted living care.

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